With a primal fascination in art forms that use the body as a canvas, Melanie Moore of Gaia’s Jewel has chosen handmade artisan jewelry as her way of expressing the aesthetics she loves. Her inspirations come from nature and myth and range from rustic tribal to elegant art nouveau. Her eclectic tastes offer something for nearly everyone in all her various lines. She strives to create not just beautiful pieces, but adornments that enhance the wearer’s whole way of showing up in the world. She especially loves creating empowering custom pieces for special occasions.

She is always a student of her craft, expanding her materials, gemstone knowledge, and skills which include silversmithing, beading, resin casting, wire wrapping, gemstone setting, enamels, and more. Her current lines include real butterfly wings in glass frame pendants, art nouveau and elvish inspired silver work, tribal gemstone beading and wire wrapping, orgonite inspired gemstone resin pendants, caged gem sphere talisman pendants, Harry Potter inspired Golden Snitch necklaces made from vintage brass ball lockets, sacred symbol beaded link and charm bracelets, gemstone and silver zodiac symbol pendants, and lampwork glass beaded lamp/fan pulls.