Butterfly Wing Pendants



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Butterfly Wing Pendants

While jogging on the beach one day, I spotted a monarch butterfly just out of reach of the waves. It was perfectly intact, but unfortunately dead and too beautiful to leave. So, I carried it back with me and started thinking of ways to create a piece of jewelry around it. After many experiments with materials and techniques, my butterfly wing pendants came to be.

After that first monarch sighting, I suddenly found butterflies and other insects in my path all the time. Friends started finding them as well and sending them to me. I started getting requests for specific species and have partnered with some great sources for exotic species from all over the world. I love finding new and unique species from all over the world that most of us may never get the opportunity to see in their own habitats.

Part memento mori and part transformation talisman, my insect jewelry presents a chance to slow down and really see the beauty in the tiny worlds all around us and appreciate both their intricate designs as well as their fleeting and often fragile natures. Many species have very short life cycles and I love having this way of preserving their legacy to be appreciated a little longer.