Gemstone Infusion Resin Pendants

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Gemstone Infusion Resin Pendants

In my first batch of experiments casting insects in resin, I found I had an excess of resin and mold space and quickly looked through my materials to find something else to try. I grabbed my containers of gemstone chip beads and immediately loved the results. I found that even once the resin cured, the gems inside maintained that luminous “wet” look.

As I continued to explore the energetic vibrations of gemstones, I began developing blends of stones that complimented each other aesthetically and also served a deeper purpose. With each piece, I create energetic signatures in the stones I choose that reinforce desirable attributes and help to heal those from which we might like to untie ourselves.

Each one is like a wearable gemstone grid.

I have experimented with the mountings on these pieces over the years. I tried cast closed back bezels, but I was unhappy with how little light came through and how lost the stones would get. I tried hand making them in fine silver, but the time and cost associated pushed them beyond their accessible price point. Finally, I settled on cast open bezels in silver plated and antiqued copper. I hang each one on a matching eighteen-inch chain.

If there is a specific purpose you have in mind that you do not see yet served or if you would like some guidance on which blend to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at and I will be happy to assist you in finding or creating the perfect blend for you.