Labradorite Winged Helix Collection

Labradorite Winged Helix Elvish Collection

I created the first and largest of these pieces while doing silversmithing demos at a music and arts festival while using up some scrap heavy gauge wire. I had this piece in my collection for quite a while before I decided to sketch it out and explore it further. I’ve enjoyed expanding on the other directions I can take these lines into a full collection of companion pieces.

This is a shape I often start with for my more elaborate pieces, especially circlets, but I wanted to see it simplified for everyday wear. So instead of starting here, I ended it here. When I wanted to expand it into more pieces, I simplified them even further, some even omitting the wing shapes. All of them are made of Sterling silver wire, hammered and soldered, then wrapped with faceted labradorite beads. They’re strung on fine silver plated chain at a flattering length for their design and close with a silver plated filigree pearl clasp.

I make them in four size variations: winged helix with either one or two stones and the helix alone with either one or two stones.

Each piece is a little different, but I try to keep at least one of each size in stock. They can always be made to order and customized with other stones. Contact me for special requests.