Hinged Wing Helix Elvish Necklace

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Hinged Wing Helix Elvish Necklace

Simple and elegant, this was a piece that was actually born out of scraps. Coincidentally, every one that I’ve made similar to it since has been as well. I had cut the center piece of wire a little too short for the design I was working on, so I set it aside on my bench and it got swept up into scraps for months. Sometimes when I’m finding it challenging to get started at my bench, I’ll find something in progress to finish or repurpose scraps of abandoned pieces. This one got worked out in such a session one day.

I liked the idea of a wide, collar-like piece that was flexible and still delicate and would move with the wearer, slightly shifting and changing shape. I used Sterling silver wire, hammered and bound with iridescent pale sapphire colored faceted crystal beads. I hung it on a very fine silver plated chain at around fourteen inches so that it would frame the collarbones nicely.

This was a one-of-a-kind piece that has sold, but I have done other designs similar to this one since in various crystal, glass, and gemstone faceted beads. I always love to revisit this style, so if you’d like a custom piece in this vein, contact me and we can create one just for you. I have a rainbow of colors and stones on hand and can always track down those I may not already have in my collection.