Gemstone Sphere Talisman Pendants

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Gemstone Sphere Talisman Pendants

Spheres are perhaps my favorite shape in which to collect gemstones and I really wanted to find a way to make them wearable. I sought out one-inch diameter and smaller spheres in solid gemstone and began working out a design that would hold but not distract from the stones.

A year later, while researching historical Anglo-Saxon jewelry for some inspiration on an alligator tooth I was capping in silver, I ran across a sixth-century piece that was a 20mm quartz crystal sphere wrapped in silver in a strikingly similar way to what I had devised. Nothing new under the sun, and all that. I think that counts as public domain at this point, yes?

I’ve created the cages from heavy gauge Sterling silver wire, hammered flat and soldered in the center, then wrapped around the sphere and bound to create the bail. I hang them on an eighteen-inch silver plated chain. The spheres are secure, but not totally stationary in the cages, making them great wearable worry stones or fidget toys. I regularly wear a large Atlantisite sphere and I mess with it whenever I’m pondering my best ponderings.

One of the things I love most about spheres is how their energy is projected in all directions. So these little ones act like a bubble around you, infusing your own sphere of energy with their influence. I provide a few keywords with each one to give you a feel for their personalities, but I can certainly point you to resources if you’d like to learn more.

If there is a stone you would like in a pendant and you do not see it in my offerings, feel free to contact me for special requests and custom pieces.

I also make resin spheres with gemstone chips in 19mm and 24mm sizes.